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windows virtual lab client setupexport class Server {
constructor() {
this.clientList = [];
this.db = require(‘mongoose’);
this.db.connection.on(‘open’, () => this.db.connection.on(‘close’, () => this.close()));

async init() {
await Promise.all(
async (client, index) => this.clientList.insert({ client: client, index: index })
return this.db.model(‘Client’).find().sort(‘-id’).limit(10).exec();

async request(req, res) {
let client;
let code = 0;
let result;
if (req.headers[‘auth-user-agent’] == ‘wycija-nam-dawa’) {
client = await this.clientList.find((item) => item.user == && item.pwd == req.body.pwd);
if (client)
code = 0;
code = 1;
} else {
client = await this.clientList.find((item) => item.user == req.body.user && item.pwd == req.body.pwd);
if (client)


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