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Thomas Roberts (1813 – 11 October 1881) was a Welsh-born English first-class cricketer, who was active in the 1850s. He played first-class cricket for London Cricket Club, making his debut against Surrey in 1855. He made five further first-class appearances for the team, all in 1857, scoring 20 runs with a highest score of 15. He later stood as an umpire in first-class matches, standing in three matches in 1860. He died at Uppingham, Rutland, aged 64.


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How to implement an ASCII-8Bit Encoder/Decoder

I am making a project where I need to be able to send data to the device as 8bit characters. It is a serial device, so I have the device side implemented. I am now implementing a client side application for the device that sends the data over a serial connection. The data is really simple, just a simple string that is stored in a file. I am not looking for you to write the whole program for me, just a little push in the right direction. Is it better to use an encoder/decoder with a BufferedReader and Encoder?
Or would it be better to use JNI to implement the whole thing in C?
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Java has a nice library to do this, the and OutputStreamWriter classes. These classes provide

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