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Bellow I recommend you to use psyco for your solution, after upgrading the psyco module will solve your problem.

psyco_module() worked for me as well, but I’m not doing very well on the big image and browsing a bit about my solution here, isn’t very clear is how are you downloading the file.

Ps psyco_module()

For the sake of people who does not know how to install psyco module you can follow below link.

Installing psyco module in python

You will need either pip/apt/yum or other means to install
pspsyco module. If you don’t know you can use one of the below

How to install psyco in Python 3.0+
How to install psyco in Python 2.7+


you can try this
import urllib.request
f = urllib.request.urlretrieve(“”, “myImage.jpg”)

1.) Download the file from the above address
2.) Open your python IDE and type the below code
import urllib.request
f = urllib.request.urlretrieve(“”, “myImage.jpg”)

use the above code for your purpose.

The effect of mobilization and stabilization on risk of distal radius fracture in elderly community-dwelling patients: a retrospective cohort study.
To examine the influence of low-energy distal radius fracture (DRF) and/or forearm deformity (distal radius height

I hope you get the point.
To my knowledge, the best (and well-known) solution to your problem is to use a FileReader to read the file and parse it into a JavaScript object which in turn can be stringified into what you want.


How to make a mutable data reference to an immutable data reference?

I need to write a helper method to swap the data in two references.
Use case:
Suppose I have two cells:
let cell1 = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(MyCollectionView)
let cell2 = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(MyCollectionView)

I want to swap the data between these two references. For example, this is what I want:
let list = [“dog”, “cat”, “fish”]
let list2 = [“duck”, “monkey”, “eel”]

My solution is to make a copy of the data, use it, and then swap the two references.
let list = [“dog”, “cat”, “fish”]
let list2 = list
cell1.View = list2
cell2.View = list

A more elegant solution would be to do a reference swap.
I know you can swap data with:
let list = [“dog”, “cat”, “fish”]
let list2 = [“duck”, “monkey”, “eel”]

let temp = list
list = list2
list2 = temp

However, the temp list is now an immutable reference to the list2 data. I just want to swap the data contained in the references.


There is no equivalent of a change to a reference that might be not visible to the person looking at the reference. Such a change would be a change to the object.
A simple change to the object is your only option.
Note that there is no need to copy a list. The list does not need to “know” that it is a list. It can be any object that has a default value of either null or []. If you pass that list to a function that is expecting a list then no copy will be made.
let list = [“dog”, “cat”, “fish”]
let list2 = [“duck”, “monkey”, “eel”]

print(“The list is actually ‘list2′” + list2.isEmpty? “”: ”

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