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Working in the rental business usually requires a lot of planning beforehand and keeping track of numerous dates, customers and articles can take a lot of time.
Paper calendars, post-it notes and agenda books provide limited space for your entries, but you can spare them and try using software that was designed for organizing rental information, such as Sports Rental Calendar.
User-friendly interface
Although quite outdated, this application's interface provides you with an unsophisticated layout that even novices can follow with minimal effort.
Sports Rental Calendar features self-explanatory functions which allow you to add entries and keep track of them easily. You can customize various details, including customer (name, phone number, short description) and rental-related information.
The multi-tabbed menu can help you view your content in multiple ways, for example vertical or horizontal timeline display of the current week, month or year.
Helpful, yet simplistic utility
You can use this application to create recurring events, if you have customers that follow a certain renting pattern, while also being able to customize specific contact information.
Sports Rental Calendar provides you with a detailed reservation list where you can view useful insight about upcoming appointments, add new entries or edit existing ones.
Saving important work is possible, thanks to this program's integrated backup feature that supports automatic backing up your files at certain times and removing old files, as well.
Aside from backup support, you can save content in various formats, including XLS, TXT, HTML or XML. Sports Rental Calendar allows you to sync sensitive data with Outlook, as well, by either importing, exporting or using the total synchronization function.
Basic reminder tool
This application comes with little improvement, compared to other task scheduling software, as it features similar functions, but with different names and descriptions.
In conclusion, Sports Rental Calendar can prove itself to be a useful program if you run a sport article rental business and could use a virtual assistant's specialized help in creating and organizing appointments.







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This is a piece of software developed to be a virtual assistant for the users of the Sport Rental Calendar. It will do the scheduling for you. The Sport Rental Calendar can also be used for the rental of the net.

The major advantage of the program is that the Sport Rental Calendar can enter into calendar your appointments, your search the rental customers. The possibility of customization of the Sports Rental Calendar Cracked 2022 Latest Version can be made. In addition, the scheduler can be translated in many languages.

A list of the sport rental includes:

– Items: catalogue in place of sports articles.
– Rental: the display of the items and the storage.
– Entries: the list of the rental customers, the calendar of the customer, the start date and the end date of the rental.
– Customers: the list of the customers, the names of the customer, the telephone numbers.
– Scheduler: the scheduled entries.
– Scheduler can display the calendar dates, enter the date and the events.
– Rentals dates: the selection of the days of the week of the rental.
– Rentals list: the list of the customers.
– Rental list: the list of the items with their location on site.
– Rental list of the current week: the list of the items with their location on site and the start dates of the current week.
– Rental list of the current month: the list of the items with their location on site and the start dates of the current month.
– Rental list of the current year: the list of the items with their location on site and the start dates of the current year.
– Web Server: the access to various web pages of the Sport Rental Calendar.

Adding and deleting entries, editing existing ones, viewing customer data and operating with the scheduler are easy with the help of the Sport Rental Calendar.

*** The Sport Rental Calendar Scheduler comes with the installation of this program, you should follow the steps below to download it:

1) From the download section of Sport Rental Calendar, click on the link “Scheduler”.
2) Click “Open File”, then click on “Accept.exe”.
3) Wait for the download file to complete.
4) Download the Sport Rental Calendar to your hard drive.

Sports Rental Calendar Crack + Free Registration Code (Updated 2022)

This program is aimed at providing users with information about single events, like a soccer match. Sports Rental Calendar enables you to search for the most popular stadiums or specific venues by location.
You can also easily locate events by date or type, in case you want to organize and play a sport event of interest to you.
For a more efficient and user-friendly experience, the program comes with a feature-rich scheduling system that allows you to quickly and easily schedule dates, times, locations, teams and players that you find interesting.
Moreover, you can search for the players in your team via the search option, as well as enter additional information for your players, including their name, location and contact information.
Users review
“I was looking for something to help me keep track of my future baseball games. Sports Rental Calendar just might be the answer.”
“I prefer to use a program that’s very user-friendly and easy to pick up. So I gave it a shot and decided that it was the best option for me.”
“Sports Rental Calendar is an excellent app for keeping track of everything in the sports industry.”
“Sports Rental Calendar makes it easy to manage all of your sports and rental information.”

App ChangeLog

*** UPDATE ***

All filters have been updated

App Screens

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Sports Rental Calendar Crack+

Sports Rental Calendar is a scheduler that allows you to plan and create appointments for customers and keep track of your time spent on the projects. Use Sports Rental Calendar as a virtual assistant to quickly plan and manage your business.

Version 0.1:

Name: Sports Rental Calendar
Version: 0.1
Activity: Scheduler
Author: King
Web site:
English: 1
Chinese: 0
Date: 2014-07-28
Time: 09:56:01
Language: en_US
Version x: 5



Soft (Scheduler):



The article will start from the bottom and then go through the major functions, and the relevant picture will help explain it.

Users can add new appointments and edit existing ones. They can also set up recurring appointments. All customer information is automatically saved, including the customer’s address, payment information and phone number.


1. Add a new Appointment
Enter a description of the appointment, e.g. “[playgroup] to visit the library”
Enter the appointment date/time, e.g. 3/23/2015 2:00 PM
Select a location, e.g. “(club house)”
If the customer plans to repeat this appointment, then select “Repeat”

2. Edit an existing Appointment

Select the day you want to see, e.g. 20
Select the day the appointment is scheduled for, e.g. 3
Select the time you want to see the appointment, e.g.

What’s New in the Sports Rental Calendar?

Manage sports rental information with Sports Rental Calendar and help keep track of people you rent to and appointments. Sports Rental Calendar provides you with all the tools you need to stay organized and on top of things. Stores the data in a secure, password-protected file.
Other features include:
Easy to use.
Backups automatically.
Quick and easy to do all the things a rental agent needs to do.
Keep track of your customers and upcoming deadlines.
Run your business with the most professional look of any rental agent software on the market.

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System Requirements For Sports Rental Calendar:

Windows 10 64bit
Intel i5-4590S or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
30GB hard drive space
DirectX: 12
Keyboard and Mouse
HDMI compatible TV or Monitor
Sound Card
Steam: Yes
Mac OSX 10.8 – 10.10

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