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Roblox is a Virtual World Platform/Game Development/Virtual World Environment.
Roblox is a great place to have fun, hang out, explore, and create!
With custom-built game creation, an award-winning web browser, social gaming, and virtual goods marketplace, Roblox offers all-new possibilities for play and community to come together.
Roblox offers children a safe way to play online.
If you think you would be a good parent, we encourage you to create your own account to experience Roblox for yourself. Roblox gives you the opportunity to create your own community!
What makes Roblox different?
Play with friends, form clans, and chat in your own language.
Create and play games for free. No robux purchases necessary.
Access your favorite games from anywhere, use your web browser, or be mobile in the App store.
Choose from thousands of user-made themes, including fantasy, medieval, sci-fi, adventure, horror, western, space, platform, racing, and more!
Works with iOS and Android devices.
Buy Robux or Creator’s Credits with real world money in-game
Join clans to battle or form friendships
Choose your own avatar and customise your profile
Buy and sell items in the in-game market
Join private parties to play games
Choose from the four different online gameplay experiences: Sandbox, Creative, Social, and Adventure

5 stars

Koray Turan

Concept may sound terrible, but it’s pretty good!

Don’t get me wrong…I loved the game. I’m simply disappointed with the features, especially the creating your own objects.

Roblox is basically just a collection of bricks where you can add bricks or create your own. Now, I know this is a common idea in the game industry, but that doesn’t mean we should use it!

The lack of fine-tuning is my only complaint. It’s almost impossible to create a really good game! It all depends on which type of roblox game you’re making.

Also, the creation of a custom object is pretty poorly done. It’s a waste of time.

5 stars

Rindya Sun

Every kid deserves a Roblox virtual world.

I chose rob


Features Key:


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Roblox: What is Roblox?
So much people are asking about Roblox in youtube comments and as you probably already know. Roblox is a virtual world that allows users to create their own games (apps) and play those games with their friends and other Roblox users. It is a great app because it allows kids ages 8 to 17 to easily create their own cool games without having to pay for a PS3 or XBox 360. So I’m sure you probably have heard about this great thing called roblox,

Roblox tutorial (how to make a maze, create a robot, and more)
Roblox users love creating their own games.
And I have realized that many people


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