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The name DLD stands for Document List Deleter. DLD was designed to be a freeware program. From an icon on your desktop or from your programs menu in the startup menu, it can be ran. Simply put it cleans out your “Documents” listing in the startup menu.
When you run DLD for the first time it will open as a normal program you will need to enter the path for your “recent documents list” which should be “c:windows
ecent” and then click on the save settings button. Once you have exited DLD it is ready to work.. just click on the desktop icon and poof your “recent document list” will be cleaned out.
What if I need to change the path for some reason?
We don’t see a need for it but, we have created a configuration icon that is located in the Document List Deleter Folder in your Start Menu.. just click on it and you can change the path to your “recent” directory.







Document List Deleter Crack With Keygen Free [Mac/Win]

Document List Deleter [Latest 2022]

This program cleans out your “Recent” document list to reduce the
appearance of clutter.
Just run it with the icon on your desktop or from your
“Startup” menus program list.

Have a question? Please look at the DLD FAQ. The DLD contains a home page that allows you to query the DLD, get help with tips and tricks, get a key or buy a key.

Enjoy DLD….


Thanks Larry!

* Microsoft COCO Toolbox. version 2.0
* Data, paper, and tutorials available at:
* Code written by Piotr Dollar and Tsung-Yi Lin, 2015.
* Licensed under the Simplified BSD License [see coco/license.txt]
#pragma once
#include “coco.h”
#include “maskApi.h”

// convert float heightA to int heightB, widthA to int widthB, multiply lengthsA by widthA
int convertToBilinear2( float heightA, float widthA, float* heightB, float* widthB );

int convertToBilinear4( float heightA, float widthA, float* heightB, float* widthB );

// convert float heightA to int heightB, widthA to int widthB, multiply lengthsA by widthA
int convertToBilinear( float heightA, float widthA, float* heightB, float* widthB );

// convert float heightA to int heightB, widthA to int widthB, multiply lengthsA by widthA
int convertToBilinear3( float heightA, float widthA, float* heightB, float* widthB );

// convert float heightA to int heightB, widthA to int widthB, multiply lengthsA by widthA
int convertToBilinear5( float heightA, float widthA, float* heightB, float* widthB );

void printMask( Mask *mask, FILE *fp );
void showMask( const char *maskApiName, const unsigned char *mask, int height

Document List Deleter Crack + Full Version For PC

(1) Clean out your “recent” documents in the Start menu (2) Clean out the Recent Documents list in your “Documents” directory…
Document List Deleter Setup:
Document List Deleter Setup:
This is a DEMO version of Document List Deleter
If you like DLD, you can buy it by visiting the following link at

DLD Freeware

DLD Documentation:

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What’s New In?

“To clear out the contents of the “Recent Documents” section on your “Start Menu”
In Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP, this is done by pressing the Delete key and then selecting, “Organize by Kind” from the “Help” menu.
In Windows 2003, you can find it in the Control Panel by selecting “Folder Options” and then selecting the option “Create new subfolders and files”
in Windows Vista, it’s under
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View tab -> Show hidden files and folders”
There are 3 lines of code in the DLD. When you run DLD it creates these 3 lines as folders in the “Recent” section of your startup list. It will just be “My Documents” the next time you run DLD.
This gives you 3 code lines which can be made into a script file that can be run from your desktop program menu, in the startup menu, or from your new tasks box.
Just select New Script from the task box, then enter a name for the file, click browse, and choose the DLD script file. Save it out and you are done. I personally think this should be in your load options, you don’t need to run DLD each time you need to change the path to your “recent documents list”


Try This

Click Start
Click Run
Type %SystemDrive%/C/Users/[Your User Name]/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/Recent
And press Enter

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System Requirements For Document List Deleter:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or 8 (Windows 10, doesn’t work)
Processor: 1 GHz processor or faster
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Graphics: 256 MB or more
DirectX: Version 9.0c (9.0c Runtime v1033) or higher
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection and latest version of Internet Explorer 10.
OS: Windows 10 (only)
Processor: 1.6 GHz!/?p=31516

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