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Photoshop CS4 includes a separate program called Adobe Photoshop Elements, which can be used to edit, color correct, and retouch your images. It’s a decent program for amateurs who want more than just point and click. (The similarities between Photoshop and Elements may not be immediately obvious, but they are important to know.)

Getting familiar with Photoshop’s essential tools

Photoshop’s most well-known feature is probably the ability to re-create almost anything you see. From the basic color adjustment dialog box to its most sophisticated editing tools, Photoshop makes it easy to capture, edit, and share images. So what tools do you use the most? I consider them essential for any image creator:

The Camera Raw feature: This is where you can load, apply, and adjust colors and exposure in your camera. Camera Raw’s controls are almost identical to those in Photoshop’s: cropping, trimming, resolution, and brightness and contrast adjustments. (See the previous section for more details on the Camera Raw feature.) It even works with RAW files, which are camera-ready images that are processed by the camera to give you full control over colors. And it can even use both RAW and JPEG images at the same time, depending on what you want to do.

The Levels feature: Photoshop gives you three basic options to change exposure and levels in an image: Soft Light, Exposure, and Shadow/Highlight. You can also create your own adjustment layers, using “levels” for your adjustments. You can also sharpen, dodge, and burn, use Smart Objects, clone, and paint with a virtual brush (covered in this chapter).

The layers features: The most powerful feature of Photoshop is its ability to create and manage layers. Layers allow you to re-arrange and change the order of anything you apply to the image, including contrast, exposure, and color settings. The ability to add a new layer and adjust everything on it will ensure that you can always do the edit or adjustment on a new layer — you never have to “lose” anything — and you can re-arrange layers any way you like. You can combine layers into groups for new effects.

The Pen tool: The Pen tool, or Live Paint, is used for drawing objects and copying objects in a special mode. It works in a way similar to the Live Trace tool that’s available in Elements. In fact, it’s almost exactly the same feature. So if you’re familiar with that tool

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This article is written for people who want to create and edit images, but who do not have or do not need advanced tools and complex editing techniques. Photoshop Elements can help you with most of your editing needs.

Starting a new file

When creating new files, you can use any format for the file. However, it is best to make a new file in a specific format, such as JPG, TIFF, or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript).

For best results, keep your files at a reasonable size. If you save a large file, Photoshop Elements may not be able to edit the file without a lot of disk space. When you save a file, you can choose how big it should be and create smaller files by using the Save as image format choice.

Folders and libraries

You can organize files in folders. Files stored in folders can be arranged into libraries, which organize folders and files into groups. You can create one, two or more libraries. Create folders within libraries for better organization.

When creating folders, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N (Cmd+Shift+N on a Mac).

Hold down Ctrl and press Shift+N or Shift+C to open the folder browser. Click Add folder to create a new folder or click on the plus sign next to any existing folders to open a library.

Edit files

After you have created or chosen a format for your file, you can begin editing your image.

Structure and tabs

Photoshop Elements uses tabs to organize folders and files. Tabs are small boxes with a folder or file name in the box. Drag and drop files or folders into the tabs, and they appear on the main pane.

You can view the main pane at any time. In the Editor workspace (press F11 to go to the workspace), you can view only the main pane. In other workspaces (stacked windows), you can view both the main pane and the tools.

Use the tools

You can work quickly with the tools and presets in the tools bar. The tools and presets are only accessible from the regular workspace and not the tools bar.

Tools in the tools bar are divided into groups. Press Ctrl+1 or the plus sign at the top to view an Overview, Layer, selection, and adjustment tools.

You can search for specific tools, select tools, or change their options with the keyboard shortcuts in

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Getting orphaned model associations from working ORM

I am sure there are many duplicates of this question, but what I have been trying to achieve is to get an array of orphaned model associations using CakePHP’s ORM.
My association (for the purpose of this post) is a single id between two tables.
I am using the following code to get an array of all connected records and then disconnecting them.
$tables = array(‘Model1’, ‘Model2’, ‘Model1’, ‘Model2’);
$connected = $this->Model1->find(‘all’, array(
‘fields’ => array(‘Model2.id’),
‘recursive’ => 1
foreach($connected as $connected) {

So far this works great.
My problem is that I don’t want to hard code the list of models in the recursive find call. From this question it seems that is possible to do this.

I think that this is because it is only required for the model which the find query is being executed in. So if I was to change the find call to’recursive’ => array(1), it is would return an array of model2 records that are connected to model1.

So now this is where it all gets messy. From the above question, I want to try and get the Model2 and unbind it from the array. After that I should be able to unbind them from Model1. Something like this;
$connected = $this->Model1->find(‘all’, array(
‘fields’ => array(‘Model2.id’),
‘recursive’ => array(1)

But I am not sure how to get the “composite key” from Model2?
I have tried in my controller

but this doesn’t work.
I feel like the answer to this is fairly easy but I can’t work out how to set this up.
CakePHP has the very handy debug() function

What’s New in the?


Force the reset of “safe search” on youtube for a mobile app

I am building an ios app that allows the user to login with their google account and upload videos to youtube. I have done this and have managed to retrieve the video id and pass it to a webView so that it can be played.
The problem however is that the youtube mobile app has a feature that allows the user to use “safe search” and filter out certain words and phrases from the search.
The video uploader doesn’t have any of this and I can’t work out how to force the youtube android app to perform a new search with an empty query so that this “safe search” feature doesn’t affect the play of the video.
So far I have attempted to set the query equal to “”, but it only allows for the removal of words like “, “, or “)”.
Anyone know how I can pass a dummy query to the youtube mobile app so it performs a new search that doesn’t include the “safe search” features?


iOS does not allow to clear the query string, you would need to clear the search history.
From the YouTube API, scroll down to and you see a method called clearHistory() that you can use to clear the current search history.


VB.NET first letter capitalization

So I have the following code
Protected Function Capitalize(ByVal text As String) As String
Dim capt As String
For Each c As Char In text
If c.ToUpper IsNot Nothing Then
If Char.ToUpper(c) = Char.ToUpper(c.ToString) Then
If (Capt Is Nothing) Then
Capt = c.ToString
Capt = Capt & ” ” & c.ToString
End If

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit) or 10.2.2 (64 bit) with a DirectX 11 compatible video card (AnandTech recommends GeForce GTX 980 or higher)
Processor: 3.6 GHz dual core CPU (4.0 GHz or higher recommended)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive Space: 20 GB available space
Sound: DirectX 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection


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